models both great and small come alive in LEGO bricks.

Potala Palace

Isle of Berk with Thorin Finch

Plasma City


Personal Projects

Minifig and micro scale buildings inspired by the interesting architecture and events of the real world and the fantastical worlds of books and movies. 


Hogwarts Castle • 2011 - 2012



Bringing people and ideas together through collaborative projects, big and small. 


Rivendell • David Frank • 2013



Creating realistic and playful models for events and businesses. 

Lenticular mosaic designed to have 2 sides- one with a map and a quote, the other with the school mascot of a gator. Built as a legacy art project by the class of 2020.

A brightly colored 4' x 12' interactive city of Grifols at the National Hemophilia Foundation's Annual Meeting 

A model of a newly proposed community performing arts center