Holly Secret Book

Holly Secret Book


Build a book with a secret! The small book is 8x12 studs and has a front cover that can be carefully removed to reveal a hidden compartment.

Use the parts in this kit to build a book cover of your own design, not just the one provided in the instructions. This is meant to just be an example. There are a variety of colors and sizes included so that you have plenty of options.

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Some parts and colors may be different than those in the instructions or in the picture.
Kits are parted in by hand and we double and triple check to minimize human error. If your kit is missing a part, please contact support@bippitybricks.com.


Because LEGO Digital Designer step by step instructions can sometimes place parts in a strange order, we recommend following them in the LDD software so you can rotate the image to see different angles and because the image quality is better than in the PDF.


  1. Download LEGO Digital Designer

  2. Download and open the LEGO Digital Designer Small Holly Book

  3. Click on the 'Building Guide Mode' in the upper right corner of the application. The Building Guide Mode generates an animated guide of how your kit is built step by step. 

  4. Begin building! 

Other: Another way to view the instructions is to view as a pdf